I guess most of you haven't missed the "Donate" link in the menu/header. The donations are used to pay for the forums, webby, team speak and servers, so all donations are most welcome. The way it is today, Björn (NORTH), Matt (Happy MOOSE) and Andy (Cypher) are paying for most of it and that is ok with us. We do it cause we love the game and this clan, but if any of you people that visit our forums, use our team speak or play on our servers would like to help out a bit, it is most appreciated.

We have a few members that helps to pay for the running costs on a regular basis, like Frank (Barillas), Greg (AngryWhiteBoy), Andreas (Devil) and Luke (baloon) and I would like to thank you all personaly for that.
Much love

If you haven't got a PayPal account or a credit card you can send me (Happy MOOSE) or Andy (Cypher) a pm and we will sort something out.

Many thanks
NiF Management