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    Default Beta Keys

    valve is currently pumping out beta keys for dota 2.
    there are multiple ways to get a key, without entering any contests.

    1) post in this thread on

    2) use your steam log in info to log in here (dont worrie, its the legit steam site and all you have to do is to log in, they add you automatically).

    3) further increase your chances after having done 2) by filling out the 2min survey from steam at the end of this comic (if you dont want to read it, just jump to the last page and click next).

    4) beg a friend who got an invite to send you one of his two spare keys (they come as steam gifts). by the way.....if you have one, throw it my way for everlasting gratitude =)

    5) solve one of the meepoo riddles in the beta key forum section.
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