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Thread: Escape From Tarkov

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    Default Escape From Tarkov

    Escape From Tarkov, this is a game I played quite a lot before the summer I even got Matt to buy it and I think he liked it even tho he wouldn't say . It is in early access as most games these days.
    I think it has got a lot of potential and when I read about what the devs want to do with the game I get exited, it could be awesome.

    There is a lot to learn about the mechanics of the game and of cause the different maps but when you get past that you can really start enjoying the game. The game is mostly about PvP but it also got a PvE element.
    To get access to better weapons, ammo and gear you need to complete different (mostly) PvE missions, given to you by the traders in the game. These PvE missions are set in the games PvP environment. Am I making any sense?

    I making this post because there is currently a summer sale going on and I hope some of you get it so we can have some fun together.

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