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Thread: Teamspeak ettiquette

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    Default Teamspeak ettiquette

    I think we have lost a bit of etiquette when it comes to teamspeak, so here I am posting some of my thoughts on the matter. These thoughts in no way reflect clan policy, neither is this post a reflection of the clan leaders thoughts. Just my own personal opinion.

    1. Settings

    We all have different set ups for our teamspeak and have our own personal preference when it comes to PC audio. I personally use a headset when I am on teamspeak and use my speakers when I am not. However, all too often I can hear echoing/ feedback through other people. This is due to their set up and TS settings, which can be solved easily. When you talk or your mic is picking up noise, the light next to your name lights up. It's not perfect but it is a good indication of whether or not your settings are correct. Luckily for me, I have a second monitor which i can glance at to see if my mic is too sensitive (or too close to my nose/ mouth so you hear me breathing) or the room I am in has too much background noise and make adjustments where necessary. I think some of us need to make an effort to adjust settings to alleviate this problem. If you do not have the luxury of a second monitor I would suggest you take the time to test your settings by joining teamspeak for awhile without starting a game in fullscreen and see if your TS is registering noise through your mic. If your not saying anything and it lights up, you need to change something. Likewise, those already on TS can and should alert someone who joins that suddenly there is more background noise since they have joined. TS can be a pain to get set up but it is for the common good.

    2. Ambient noise

    Relates to the above point. I don't use 'push to talk' because I don't want to have to push another button while in game to communicate. But I also play in a quiet room with nothing making noise in the background other than my PC fan. I understand that not everyone can make the choice of where their PC is located and what noises there are in the room, but we can make the choice of whether we use TS or not when there is a substantial amount of background noise. If I want to hear a movie or a football match I will stop gaming/ TS and go and watch it without disturbing those who chose to play games instead. Again, this probably relates to settings but it is also common courtesy. If you want to multitask, playing games and watch/ listen to something else, perhaps you should stay off TS and use steam friends to communicate instead. TS is a community tool and should be used as such.

    3. Constant chat/ commentary

    NiF teamspeak has always been a noisy place. When we had the CS servers, and 10 to 20 people on TS at the same time, it was almost impossible to manage this problem. But now we have just a handful of people on, so it is manageable. We all like to have a chat about all sorts of things and when we first join TS we more than likely want to share some news or find out how or what our mates are doing. That's not the issue. We're mates who like to have a laugh together and that shouldn't change. What I am referring to is the constant chitter chatter on TS to the detriment of others being able to communicate or even hear the game they are playing. If someone is constantly talking, other members have to talk over and louder than that person just to be heard, which is not fair. Likewise, there is no need to constantly commentate on what you are doing. If it has no bearing on what other people are doing then it really doesn't need to be said. I'm not saying that every word has to have a degree of importance associated with it, but we really don't need to hear about every action you make on the server. I know that some people just can't stand silence and it makes them uneasy when in company. I have RL friends/ family members who fill the air with noise just so there is no silence and it aggravates me then too. I want to share my experiences online with you guys but they only have value if they are 'moments' and not every mundane action. I have spent many an hour on TS with some of you without either of us saying anything at all and it did not detract from our experience or enjoyment of being on TS.

    4. When to talk and when to be quiet

    This is really about common courtesy and is probably the main thing that makes me rage. TS is for communication while playing games and at certain points it is necessary for coordination of efforts when cooperating. If you hear other members in the middle of some action that requires that they coordinate, please be quiet. If you must relate some info then use steam friends or quickly jump to another channel. I can easily identify when other members are in the shit and either need help or just a bit of quiet so they can think their way out of it. We are all friends here so please do the right thing by each other and hold back a bit more. I'm also often hearing people being talked over when they clearly have started to say something and someone decides that they need to be heard too. We are all guilty of this to a degree and it is partly due to the quirk of communicating without visual cues and a certain degree of latency. Lets just make an effort to wait our turn or use an alternative form of communicating to others when someone else is speaking.

    5. One million questions and game time

    This is probably more pertinent to playing new games and specifically Ark. Sometimes we find a game we all love to play that has a slightly steep learning curve and with it comes a period of discovery. We are all friends and we should be able to lean on each other a bit when it comes to learning how to play a new game. However, after a day or so the amount of leaning on others should dissipate and you should be using other ways to discover the answers you need. Not because no one wants to help. Not because you shouldn't be able to ask for help from your friends. Because answering questions takes up your friends game time and by constantly requiring answers and help means that you become a burden to them. The very fact that we have a catch phrase on TS now ('Read the wiki') attests to the fact that too many questions are being asked of those who have already taken the time to learn the game. I had to read the wiki and watch vids to learn about the game when i started, not so I could be the oracle of info but so I could play the game to its full potential. Steam has an inbuilt browser so there is absolutely no reason for anyone to be constantly asking questions when the answer is only a tab away. That being said, the odd question here and there is absolutely no problem. I have a terrible memory and have to ask stupid questions now and again. Just keep in mind that every question means your friend has to stop thinking about what they are doing and concentrate on what you are doing. Don't abuse that.

    Slightly related to the above topic and off the TS topic. Asking for help in-game means your friend has to give up some of their game time when they probably had other things in mind. Please limit the assistance you ask for of others and when you do get assistance, it would be great if you could compensate in some way.
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