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    Evening lads!

    So I thought i'd update you on my life!

    As many of you probs know I finally moved out with the mrs just over 2months ago!

    Just after we moved out we had a glitch in the family though,

    Jemmas dad went to Hospital as he was having a numb ankle and it was a little difficult to walk. So the nurses checked him over and told him he was fine and that he should go home and rest. However he wasn't too pleased as he was finding it hard to put weight on his ankle. Therefore while at the hospital his other daughter (Jemmas twin) Hayley spoke to the nurses and asked for a doctor to check him out. They still advised he should go home and rest. As they got up 'unhappily' to leave, Daves legs gave way urgo forcing a doctor to come out and take a look at him. That night while they ran tests he was bed bound and paralised from his chest downwards.

    They ran some tests for 3days and eventually found a lump on his kidney (near his spine) but didn't know what it was and had to go under the skin to examine further. One week later we were told it was Cancer on his Kidney that had wrapped around his spine which had paralised him. They then told us that he wont be able to ever walk again and that he would only have a few months to live, which as you can imagen from walking into a hospital and a week later being told your going to be permanently paralised and you've got cancer and you don't have long to live is quite a shock!!

    A week later they told us the cancer is getting worse very quickly and that instead of months he would only have a few weeks left! So Dave/family decided he should be moved home in a pernamently bed to spend time with his family. (Even with having care visits and doctor visits 4/6times aday). During this time one of the Day Dave had serious difficulty breathing and had to be rushed back to hospital (when he was moved the ambulance service put him into a wheelchair when he was obviously paralised, so he fell straight out of it, outside the house!!!!!) infront of neighbours. The same day his breathing got better and he asked to go home however the hospital had no record of him getting to hospital via ambulance and refused to take him home. This took a couple of days and alot of phone calls!

    After spending just over a week at home Dave had another breathing fit/attack - which was believed to be a heart attack (unconfirmed!) which led to an ambulance crew/doctors/nurses going over to the house and eventually later that evening taking him to a Hospice, which we were then told he would probably die that evening.

    Dave lasted 5days at the hospice, unconscious/sleeping. The family spoke to him everyday - hoping/believing that he could hear our words of love and comfort. He passed while his Wife and 2children were sat with him on June 20th.

    We had his funeral this Monday just passed.

    Jemma is as well as can be, sometimes I see her crying in bed. But all in all we are ok, i'm trying to be as supportive as I can be.

    that's pretty much it lads. Sorry if this is emotional to anyone.

    During this time one of my work colleagues also died of cancer which was !^$%^&#!


    Out of all of this I've decided to do some charity work, which includes...
    hosting a macmillan coffee morning at work.
    My store (supermarket) does charity donations, i've arranged for it do raise some money for macmillan too.
    I'm in the process currently of getting a brand new computer so i'm also going to do a 36 hour stream for macmillan charity to hopefully raise some money (with give aways from my own pocket)
    I also hope to do a cycle/run or walk too for them and whatever else I can in the future..!

    Cheers guys and thanks for reading!
    much love
    (Be Happy lifes what you make it!)

    EDIT* p.s if you've viewed please don't feel the need to reply!*
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    I'll be there for the streaming m8. Any help needed just ask.
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