An old NiF friend, back to say Hello.

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Gumkowskii recently added me to Steam and suggested that I take a look at the NiF site. So I duly did and since I had a bit of time, I decided to make a blog, why not? Its a small introduction to how I became acquainted with the NiF community all those years ago!

The vast majority won't remember me, since I parted ways with NiF some years ago, under less than amicable circumstances - which was all down to my actions. Anyway, I wish to say hello to those Old School members who have managed to see it through this far,and hello to those new members that I haven't yet had the pleasure of meeting.

I began playing CSS from its outset, in 2004. Competitive CSS didn't feature on my resume until probably 2005, I jumped between teams here and there, but found nif.css (as it was known back then) and become almost a founding member of, which was then under the watchful eye of Cypher and Nath. I played alongside Nath, Cypher, talk, SIGHT, Joe (who had a ridiculous nickname which I cant remember - masterchief I think) Ryuu (who cheated his ass off) Cocky and NITRO (who sounds like an Irish child, even though he's meant to be from Holland.) There are a couple more who i've forgotten I think, but that was certainly the core of the team anyway. Tbh, if we had taken things more seriously, we could have been pretty good, had it not been for talk's (Mike) ridiculously high ping and fascination with the marines,SIGHT's unnaturally long black hair, Joe's nickname, which just couldn't be taken seriously, Andy's habit of trying to knife anyone at anytime in an official match, etc etc etc!

I also mixed regularly with Moose, Badger, Aimetti, Face, AngryWhiteBoy & Baloon and a few others (I think Mad Trader from time to time as well), which I remember being rather fun! I also remember the large amounts of rage quite we all used to do from the NiF public server - and we all had unbelievably good KDR at that time! Im sure most other people thought we cheated.

Sadly, being young and naive, I saw fit to abandon my friends at nif, something I later came to regret massively having seen the heights that Nath took the next generation UK team to. Myself and Ryuu along with Nitro, decided to split and form our own more competitive team, something which I had always wanted to do, but proved to be highly difficult, particularly as Ryuu would never play on Anti-Cheat.......... (Yes, I suspected him too, he was always too good to be true) To this day i'm not quite sure that Andy has ever forgiven me for this move. Im not proud of it, but I was young and wanted glory. (This was a long time ago now, so don't get angry at me!)

Anyway, since that moment, I got myself into some competitive teams around the UK scene and also ended up mixing with Joe & Cocky a few years later, both of whom had got themselves into pretty high skilled teams.

I went to University 3 years ago, and stopped playing entirely. I have now finished University, but wont be rejoining the competitive scene once more, however I think I may make myself and my AMAZING skills (yes you can all remember them ) available for mixing. Feel free to add my Steam: Chr1s198 (I think im still the head admin for the NiF steam page if you cant find me) I will welcome all mix invites and play when I can.

Im not quite sure why I felt the need to write all of that, but I hope it brought back some good memories for those of you that can remember the olden days!

Much Love - Chris, Chriseh, C^198
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  1. Bobby t Bruce's Avatar
    Nice entry m8, some NiF history there
  2. Cypher's Avatar
    I lol'd so hard at this nice Chriseh, im sure im commented before but hey :P good times indeed
  3. Kalee's Avatar
    hey lads. so many things has chaned over the years the good old times when i had time for everything are gone. now business, kids and house are killing me . feel free to add me on steam or fb or anything
    kind regards luke aka baloon