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  1. An old NiF friend, back to say Hello.

    Gumkowskii recently added me to Steam and suggested that I take a look at the NiF site. So I duly did and since I had a bit of time, I decided to make a blog, why not? Its a small introduction to how I became acquainted with the NiF community all those years ago!

    The vast majority won't remember me, since I parted ways with NiF some years ago, under less than amicable circumstances - which was all down to my actions. Anyway, I wish to say hello to those Old School members who have ...
  2. Really Good Site

    really good Site to read.
  3. Dead Island

    Alright peps,

    Sometime ago the producers of Dead Island announced a trailer, of which were quit genius if you ask me hence it were backwards and if you played it "backwards" it was the normal view to watch it.

    Now, not far to long ago, they announced a gameplay video, which in my opinions were a dissapointment (I don't belive it were the offical though) since it were only pictures of what to come.

    NOW they've released a Video, where the explain some ...

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  4. Oh the memories !

    Quote Originally Posted by NiF.Cypher View Post
    Do you guys remember me singing this tune on teamspeak !

    Was the tune from one of the maps on css

    Wow great times where had !
    NiF.Cyphers Blog
  5. I am a blog

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