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red rabbit
20-09-2011, 03:22 PM
im helping out at a outdoors daycare thingy, at the moment and today was my second day there.
its for up to 20kids and is basically like daycare, but outside. the kids bring backpacks with food and stuff and can choose one of multiple play locations in the area. they get to spend the whole day outside, so its pretty awesome.
my favourite kid is the three year old called johanna. she always shoes me everything and as soon as we have to walk somewhere, she grabs my hand and tells me about her life and her little pony "little thunder".

today on our way back to the old waggon they use as a meeting point in the morning and which is used as shelter, if the weather is too bad, we went by a long row of bushes and some of them were haslenut-bushes.
sadly, they had almost no haslenuts left, because the mice and birds grabbed them all.
still, most of the kids managed to find one or two nuts and little johanna told me, how sad she was, that she couldnt find any - she had until today never even seen haslenuts.
after a few minutes i - with johanna squeezing my hand in excitement - found a bundle of 4 or 5 nuts!
you guys should have seen her face, as if it was the happiest day in her life.
i asked her, if she didnt want to share the nuts with the other kids, because some of them still hadnt found any nuts and proclaimed with a loud voice "hey guys and gals, johanna found some nuts!"
their reaction was as planned: "oh, can i have one?" "can i?" "and i?".
ofcourse, the little angel shared them, until she had but one nut left, then, she turned sad. im talking "someone took my candy"-sad. she was almost crushed for 15 whole minutes.
when i asked her, what was wrong, she said this: "i wanted to spare at least 2 nuts, so i could have one and could give you the other, but now i only have one nut left" and nearly started to cry.

that was the moment, johanna won my heart and nearly made me cry in front of 16kids + 2 adults.

20-09-2011, 03:31 PM
Wow m8

Kids can be very powerful little people and i have had moments like this with my little girls and they stay with you all your life.Its nice that you are doing these things for her and other children as they don't always get that from they're parents <3

30-09-2011, 05:40 AM
has to redump this one :3